We are looking for talented developers

Hi, mate šŸ˜€ Welcome to the Front.band!

Iā€™m Alexey ā€“ the CEO and Founder of Front.band. In this post, I will try to share with you an atmosphere inside the company and our cultural values.

We are a family style product oriented outsourcing company. Family style means that we help each other and care about each other. Product-oriented means that we create products for our customers. We do not write tones of code only but also think of a client’s business needs to solve their real problems.

We are passionate about our work process and our results, and we create every product to be proud of it.

Our development process starts with analysis. We interview our customers to understand their need and their goals, and only after we entirely got them, we start creating something. After that, we usually begin with MVP (without custom design just using Material UI or Bootstrap) to show a demo of the working project to the customer. It allows our customers to start showing the product to the users, and only after the MVP is ready, we start working on the custom design based on the feedback from the MVP. Moreover, this process is endless. So you can see we are totally customer-oriented guys.

Our company is remote-first, so you can work from anywhere around the world if you and your team are comfortable to work together. To achieve this, we use amazing tools, including Slack, Toggl, and Hangouts to make our communication and work process extremely simple and clear.

Please send us your CV ([email protected]) and a small intro about yourself, and we will schedule an interview.

Glad to see you,
Best regards

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